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Stefanie Groth (2015),
"To visualize the music of things" (Original title: "Die Musik der Dinge sichtbar machen.")
Online unter: https://www.ndr.de/ndrkultur/sendungen/freitagsforum/Abdulhamid-Abdalla-Ein-syrischer-Maler-in-Hamburg,abdalla100.html
NDR (online newspaper)

“[…]. This position of Abdalla – overcoming the times and cultures but at the same time rooted in both – expresses itself in the works which we show now for the first time here in Homburg. With marked structures and dominated by a language of shape and color, which is inspired by nature and human existence, you can always see in his works his background and the impulses of his own biography: In this way his powerful and poetic paintings are an invitation to get – apart from a calculated reality – nearer to the art of intuition.”
Mathias Beck, Gallery M. Beck, at the opening of an exhibition in Homburg a. d. Saar, Germany, July 2007.

“The artist Abdulhamid Abdalla is able to touch hearts […]. His paintings lead the viewer into an unknown world […]. To look at his art is like coming to a place you have dreamed of for a long time.”
Barbara Peveling, Ethnologist, at the opening of an exhibition in Cologne, Germany, November 2006.

“Individual symbolism”
(Original title: „Individuelle Symbolik“)
Hamburger Abendblatt (online newspaper) 2004

Inge Dekker
„Suddenly there are Arabic words on the canvas“
(Original title: „Opeens kwanen er Arabische woorden op het doek“)
Trouw (newspaper) 17964, p. 2, 2003

„Seven artists show their works in Holland“
Teshreen (newspaper) 17964, p. 2, 2003

„Works of Abdulhamid Abdalla“
The Cultural Supplement of Al-Thawra (newspaper) 302, p. 1, 2002

Rima Al-Zaghair
„Topics and News in Art“
Al Anwar (newspaper) 14677, 2002

Adib Makhzoum
“Aussehende Harmonie zwischen den gerissenen Flächen”, 2002
Al-Thawra (newspaper)

Mohammed Hussein
„A Sculptor and four painters“
The Cultural Supplement of Al-Thawra (newspaper) 303, p. 1, 2002

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